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Latest / Episode 7 - Wendell Hanes

Winning, Emotion, and Thriller

Hear from Emmy Award-winning composer and producer, Wendell Hanes, as he details his journey from studying semiotics at Brown University to becoming the founder of Volition Sound. Wendell also touches on the importance of supportive parents, the need to adapt, and why, with music, “you’re always a half step away from a smile.”

Episode 1- Larry Silberfein

Happiness, Fear, and Babka

In this episode, advertising veteran Larry Silberfein shares highlights from his personal and professional journey from accountant to creative director. Plus, he offers observations on how the ad industry has changed, the danger of fear-based decision making, and the importance of self-belief.


Episode 2 - Spencer Ludwig

Hard Work, Tough Love, and Diamonds & Pearls

Ever wonder what the path to indie pop star looks like? Hear from dance/pop sensation Spencer Ludwig as he discusses what it took to go from an underdog jazz trumpet player to a Latin Grammy-winning singer, songwriter, and record producer. You’ll also get the run-down on the essential gear in Spencer’s home studio.


Episode 3 - Alison Grasso

Trust, Trial and Error, and Mint Chocolate Chip

Hear from video editor, voice over artist, and beer influencer, Alison Grasso, as she reveals some of her secrets for successful collaboration; the similarities between the advertising world and the craft brew industry; and the importance of dissecting the work of your idols.

Episode 4 - Edoardo Ballerini

Luck, Patience, and Disco

Get the inside story on the life and career of acclaimed audio book narrator and Sopranos and Dinner Rush actor Edoardo Ballerini as he talks about the importance of self-honesty; heeding your internal compass; and why it's imperative to continually challenge yourself as a creative person. 


Episode 5 - Melody Gilbert

Delusion, Integrity, and Barbie Dolls

For documentary filmmaker Melody Gilbert, the best part of film-making is not knowing what she'll discover along the way. In this episode, Melody discusses why she refrains from judging her subjects, how she maintains her independent voice, and how working in retail taught her how to win people's trust.


Episode 6 - Andy Anderson

Discipline, Curiosity, and Idaho Russets

In this episode, Andy Anderson details his trajectory from Air Force fireman to acclaimed commercial, editorial, and fine-art photographer. Andy also shares his approach to portraiture; why he believes craft drives career longevity; and the important role curiosity plays in all creative endeavors.


About the Podcast

Exploring what it takes to build a creatively fulfilling life and career.

Through conversations with accomplished creative professionals in fields ranging from music, television, and film to science, photography, and fashion, Creative Life Lessons looks to reveal the wisdom and insights gleaned from people who’ve successfully negotiated the delicate balance between self-expression and commercial necessity.



Lyle Shemer
Creator & Host
Penn Li
Co-Creator, Art Director
Paul Greco
Executive Producer
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Executive Producer
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Producer, Audio Engineer
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